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High-Quality Sandblasting Services – Suitable for Commercial & Residential Environments

What is Glass Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a way of etching glass that creates a frosted look. As sand is naturally abrasive when it is combined with fast-moving air it wears away at the surface.

Our team can use different types of sand and different levels of force to create varying levels of translucency across the glass. This means our customers have the option to choose how obscure they would the finish of their double glazing to be.

The technique that is used is to provide property owners with a level of privacy and obscurity to their glass, whilst still letting light through. We can also create more decorative patterns and styles by using a cut mask that resists the grit.

Glass Sandblasting in Lewes

We have an experienced and expert team on hand in Lewes that can design high-quality sandblasted glass designs for all our customers. Our glass and glazing shop can supply sandblasted glass for commercial properties where business branding is required. We are also more than suitable for a range of residential properties, creating beautiful glazing styles for our customers’ homes.

Residential and Corporate Glass Sandblasting

Our in-house team have developed many years of experience through hundreds of glass sandblasting projects, making A1 Glass the perfect place for your sandblasted glass solution.

The number one benefit from glass sandblasting is the amount of privacy you can deliver to your home. Better yet, due to the process of glass sandblasting, you will not have to sacrifice on the amount of natural entering your property either. Choose the level at which you would like to sandblast your glass, and then we can install it for you.

If you would like to decorate your glass with a particular style or corporate branding, our team will be on hand to make this possible for you too. Simply get in touch with one of our experts and discuss the style you would like for your glass. One of our team will listen to your required specifications and talk you through how we will bring them to life.

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Benefits of Glass Sandblasting

Quality Products

Our glass sandblasting products guarantee to deliver exceptional quality to your home. We make sure to only use the highest quality materials throughout our glass sandblasting process to make sure can provide our customers in Lewes with the very best product for their home.

Our team are dedicated to completing each of our customers’ projects to a strict deadline meaning you will never have to wait too long for your installation. We know that we can offer the best quality products and unrivalled customer service within the industry.

Versatile Sandblasted Glazing

If you do not like the idea of installing blinds or curtains throughout your property, sandblasted glass is the perfect alternative for you. Better yet, there is way more manoeuvrability regarding versatility with sandblasted glass. You will be investing in a contemporary privacy solution that will make a great impression on any of your visitors.

Glass sandblasting is also a great solution for those homeowners looking to upgrade their bathrooms. You will not have to worry about blinds or curtains that may become damaged and damp over time, and you can enjoy a much brighter bathroom than before.

Customisable Designs

Each of our products can be designed and manufactured to your exacting specifications. This way we can create your sandblasted glass to meet your specific measurements to ensure a seamless fit. Individual glazing panels can be perfectly cut om match your home in Lewes.

Our team can create an extensive range of sandblasted designs that will enhance the look and feel of your property in Lewes. We can create a variety of intricate designs allowing you to develop and create the aesthetic of your property.

Glass Sandblasting for commercial properties lewes

Our Range of Glass Sandblasting Products

We can transfer the technique of sandblasting across a whole range of our glazing products in Lewes, and we are not limited to just windows either. Our team are specialists in glass sandblasting and are committed to taking on any property improvement project.

You can sandblast the following glazing products:

1. Glass Balustrades
2. Glass Doors & Partitions
3. Glass Shower Screens
4. Windows
5. Glass Worktops
6. Glass Splashbacks

Glass Sandblasting on Balustrades lewes

Glass Sandblasting Prices, Lewes

If you are looking for high-quality glass sandblasting services for your commercial or domestic property in Lews, get in touch with our team today.

You can give us a call on 01273 6767 50 or use our online contact form and one of our team will contact you shortly.

You can also use our online quoting engine to receive a free no-obligation quote on a double glazing product of your choosing.

We look forward to working on your glass sandblasting project soon.

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